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Las Posadas (The Inns of Bethlehem) Advent Novena Pageant December 16-24

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1. St. Joseph
Pray give us lodging, dear sir, in the name of heav’n.
All day since morning to travel we’ve giv’n.
Mary, my wife, is expecting a child.
She must have shelter tonight. Let us in, let us in!

2. Innkeeper
You cannot stop here, I won’t make my house an inn.
I do not trust you, your story is thin.
You two might rob me and then run away.
Find somewhere else you can stay. Go away, go away!

3. St. Joseph
Please show us pity, your heart cannot be so hard.
Look at poor Mary, so worn and so tired.
We are most poor, but I’ll pay what I can.
God will reward you, good man. Let us in, let us in!

4. Innkeeper
You try my patience. I’m tired and must get some rest.
I’ve told you nicely, but still you insist.
If you don’t go and stop bothering me,
I’ll fix you, I guarantee. Go away, go away!

5. St. Joseph
Sir, I must tell you my wife is the queen of heav’n,
chosen by God to deliver his Son.
Jesus is coming to earth on this eve.
(Oh heaven, make him believe!) Let us in, let us in!

LasPosadasDeBelenTHUMBNAIL6. Innkeeper
Joseph, dear Joseph, oh how could I be so blind?
Not to know you and the virgin so fine!
Enter, blest pilgrims, my house is your own.
Praise be to God on his throne! Please come in, please come in!

7. Finale
Enter, enter, holy pilgrims, holy pilgrims.
Welcome to my humble home.
Though ‘tis little I can offer,
all I have please call your own.

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We Should Hear The Blessed Lord Jesus’ True ‘Bread of Life Narrative’ in Song

This article is under development. Major sections are subject to revision.

Call to Petition Oregon Catholic Press (Breaking Bread hymnal) to Edit ‘See Us Lord About Your Altar’ regarding the lyric “Now his form is but a sign”

In an intrinsically subjective esthetic medium, music with lyrics, a musical piece published by OCP–”See Us Lord About Your Altar”–concerned with the Catholic Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, implicitly conveys lack of belief in the full, authentic, essential Eucharistic teaching.

Drakes Broughton hymn tune by Sir Edward Elgar, to which John Greally applied his lyrics “See Us Lord About Your Altar”

The doctrinally deficient lyrics, “Now his form is but a sign”, fail to convey the primal sacramental definition of “a sign that really and truly  effects what it signifies”, an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace. This is in the medium of music which, because of the immediacy of its impact, is prone to cause uncritical acceptance of any doctrinal proposition conveyed through it, whether correct or incorrect.


This will be a request for the lyrics of a song distributed to the majority of American Catholic parishes by the Oregon Catholic Press (OCP), to be slightly changed to more affirmatively reflect Jesus’ wishes, as He clearly expressed them.

What does this mean?

The lyrics of a piece music published by the Oregon Catholic Press,
See Us Lord About Your Altar“, can be improved to better reflect Jesus’ explicit teachings about the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

The Problematic Verse (3)

  • Once were seen the blood and water:
    Now is seen but bread and wine;
    Once in human form he suffered,

    Now his form is but a sign.

The subtle assertion that Jesus’ form within the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist “is but a sign”, less than adequately conveys the full, authentic, essential Catechesis about the Holy Eucharist, in an environment prone to non-critical acceptance of doctrinal content, the medium of music which by its very nature renders its audience prone to unthinking, emotional acceptance of its meaning. This environment requires very careful discrimination about the precise formulation of Catechetical content.

Perhaps unintentionally, the verse seems to express a belief that the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist is merely a symbol, not literally our Blessed Lord Jesus’ Body and Blood. Continue reading